. the terror . (speakndestroy) wrote in coldarmy,
. the terror .

The Return of Everybody Loves Stars (the COLD Fan listing)

I'm looking to get the Everybody Loves Stars up and running again but before I can do that I think it needs a little revamping.

I'm looking for live photo's, fan art, or pictures of cold related tattoos to make a new layout unfortunately I have none of the above so I need all of you to PLEASE submit your lives photo's and fan art to me at (xxxcoldie13@aol.com) with "everybody loves stars" in the subject line. Whosever picture I choose will get 100% full credit (in whatever way you want).

I would really love to get this off the ground before my one year aniversary of the last time I updated so please please help out.

Thank you in advance
<3 Joy

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